3MH Maritime Technology Ltd.

HOW We behave

Dear 3MH colleagues and partners,
This Code of Conduct (the “Code”) and Compliance Protocol is built on 3MH’s founding values and sets out guidelines and instructions applicable to all 3MH directors, officers, employees, and subcontractors on matters of business conduct and ethics. The values, principles and rules described herein must be embraced by all of us and reflected in the conduct and actions of each individual.

Shareholders, management, and leaders at all levels, as we grow, act as role the models for the organization. We are responsible for implementation of this code in the organization and for making necessary adaptations, but we are dependent on notification as soon as possible by employees and others about matters of concern.   

We must comply with applicable laws and regulations and demonstrate sensitivity to local culture and customs. Integrity is one of our core values and each of us must be always vigilant in order to safeguard both our own integrity and that of 3MH. We never compromise on integrity, which is vital for the continued success of 3MH. This code provides a framework for what we consider responsible conduct. We expect you to follow these rules and guidelines, raise your concerns, and always strive to exercise good judgement, care, and consideration in everything you do in your work. Dilemmas will inevitably arise; what counts is how they are dealt with.

We believe in a new and open way of doing business foregoing some of the old paradigm rigid company structures. At the same time, we do not forego the required standards to achieve excellence.
Before you decide how to act you should ask; is it legal, is it right, can it be justified for our stakeholders.. 

3MH Maritime Technology Ltd.

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